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Main Street needs help and Wendy has a proven track record of getting it


We’re just getting started in Harrisburg and we need to keep moving Pennsylvania forward! In these unprecedented times, we do not need another rubber stamp in Harrisburg for an extreme agenda that seeks to block any common-sense progress. COVID-19 has deeply affected the lives of all Pennsylvanians and we can no longer ignore how interconnected our community is. Our families and our communities need a strong voice to champion a future that protects and serves all Pennsylvanians. With over $4.7 million investments secured in Bucks County, Wendy wants to continue working for the well being of our families, our communities, and our shared future.


Fight for the Health of Our Families & Community

As we adapt to life with COVID-19, healthcare that supports families and workers is more urgent than ever.

Sponsored the bipartisan State-Based Exchange and Reinsurance Program which drives down health insurance premiums and is projected to save PA consumers up to $250 million annually.

Champion Paid Family and Medical Leave

Require all Pennsylvania employers to expand paid sick days for workers to allow COVID-19 quarantine to preserve the health and safety needs of our community and our economy.

Increase access and ensure no-cost COVID-19 testing.

Defend Women’s Access to Abortion and Contraceptives and Fund Planned Parenthood.

Ensure and expand seniors centers that are critical to the wellbeing of our elders so they can remain vital and active members of our community

No person should be denied access to care due to administrative roadblocks or threat of financial ruin. While Washington delays, in Harrisburg we need to make sure that we increase access and ensure no-cost COVID-19 testing in order to have a safe return to daily life. We have an economic crisis because we have a public health crisis, and we can no longer afford to delay action across the commonwealth.

Many workers don’t have the option to stay at home when they get sick. COVID-19 has shown that when people are given the means to recover in quarantine, it is best for everyone’s health. Several states have adopted Paid Family and Medical Leave; Pennsylvania must join them. For workers whose work is “essential”, they should all have paid medical leave, which would include quarantine time and also workman’s compensation that doesn’t affect their paid sick leave. This common-sense approach helps working families when they really need it. 


Wendy is committed to raising the wage for front-line, low-wage health care workers who are helping those in need of care in our hospitals and eldercare communities, often without adequate personal protective equipment (PPE.) We must ensure that all Healthcare workers have adequate and job-appropriate PPE to prevent workers from getting sick or taking COVID-19 back to their families or communities.


Women’s healthcare rights are under attack. Wendy will fight to ensure women’s full reproductive rights. We must continue to fund Planned Parenthood at the current level and require insurance to provide free prescription birth control as required by the ACA.

As state Representative, Wendy has worked across the aisle to pass the State-Based Exchange and Reinsurance Program, which drives down health insurance premiums and is projected to save PA consumers up to $250 million annually. Wendy has also co-sponsored legislation to create the Keystone Mothers’ Milk Bank, which creates a human donor bank for citizens of the Commonwealth. Wendy has secured over $625,000 in state grants in substance-abuse recovery programs as well as $500,000 to Bucks County health care and technology organizations. Wendy will defend current funding for our citizens who rely on SNAP, CHIP, Medicaid, Medicare, and subsidized insurance through the Affordable Care Act. In concert with Doylestown Health, Wendy co-hosted a forum on Benzodiazepine Dependency Recovery. 

Wendy is a tireless advocate for women. As state Rep., Wendy has helped secure over $3.6 million for programs that serve domestic violence survivors through state grants. Her recent Bill H.B. 2453, will increase penalties for the criminal act of photographing up a minor’s skirt and posting the images to illicit websites. Wendy will fight to ensure women’s full reproductive rights. We must continue to fund Planned Parenthood and require insurance to provide free prescription birth control. Wendy co-sponsored the criminalization of female genital mutilation in Pennsylvania. 

Our seniors have been most impacted by the pandemic and have highlighted the urgent need for staffing and oversight of extended care facilities and adequate PPE for caregivers. Wendy will fight to support our senior community centers that are critical to the wellbeing of elders so that they remain vital and active members of our community.


Rebuilding Our Economic Future

Harrisburg is facing unprecedented challenges. We need solutions that uplift our small businesses as we rebuild our dynamic communities.

Prime sponsor of the Amendment to Safe Drinking Water Act to establish maximum safe levels of known carcinogens in drinking water across the Commonwealth.

Continue to secure funding and grant opportunities for small businesses, municipalities, museums, libraries, and first responders. Over $4.7 million already secured in state grants for Bucks County.

Extend unemployment insurance benefits eligibility

Support Legislation specifically designed to ensure funding & support for businesses with fewer than 25 employees 

Increase the Minimum Wage

Address Climate Change with Renewable Energy Options That Create Green Jobs

The path to a more secure economic future is one that invests and provides secure, well-paid jobs for all. We have an economic crisis because we have a public health crisis. Our first priority is saving lives and solving the public health crisis. We should not sacrifice people’s lives by rushing to end physical distancing and other protective measures. We have a responsibility to help people who have been hurt most by this crisis. Most of us know someone whose health or livelihood has been impacted by the coronavirus. 


Maintaining our small businesses is essential to the economic wellbeing of our district. These businesses and the families they support are the heartbeat of the community and what makes our towns and villages unique. Wendy shares the concern of all Bucks County residents for the economic health of our region. She is also deeply concerned for the health and well being of all of our friends and neighbors. Wendy supported Governor Wolf’s decision to waive prepayment of the accelerated sales tax so that small businesses can worry about their workers, not red tape. On-going goals to support business operations include stable supply chains to ensure adequate supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) for every worker. We need to ensure that the appropriate federal funding from the CARES Act is funneled to the small businesses and micro-businesses in our district. Wendy will continue to work to secure small business grants for our region and support our local industries.  


The road to recovery is going to be long and we will need support and cooperation from every level of government. To get back to work we need a plan that keeps us safe from future pandemics, which cannot exclude the interconnected nature of healthcare needs. In conjunction with necessary federal assistance, Harrisburg must provide guidance to small businesses, so that the health and well-being of workers and the public are protected while they get back on their feet.   


Our minimum wage hasn’t been raised since 2006 and is lower than all of our neighboring states: New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia. Pennsylvania is facing staggering rates of unemployment, and the need for a life-sustaining wage is critical since many families have lost one income. Wendy will actively support efforts to design, in conjunction with the business community, a phased-in approach to raising the minimum wage.  


As state Representative, Wendy has worked to clean our drinking water for future generations and established the maximum safe levels of known carcinogens across the Commonwealth. She also sponsored H.B. 1322, which would create a 5-cent beverage bottle and can deposit program in Pennsylvania as part of the “Zero Waste PA” legislative package, which is aimed at reducing single-use plastics and addressing pervasive issues of litter and the various environmental harms caused by a “throwaway” society.

A lifelong environmentalist, Wendy is passionate about supporting legislation that incentivizes investment in clean energy production including solar, wind, and smart grid technology to grow our economy, reduce pollution, protect public health, and create numerous stable, high paying new jobs. Today in Pennsylvania, the number of jobs in renewable energy vastly exceeds those in the fossil fuel industry.


Pennsylvania will be making hard budget choices, but defunding our education would compromise our shared future.

Advocate for affordable Pre-K Education

​Keep Investing in our K-12 Education

Improve Funding for State Colleges, Universities, and Apprenticeships

​Student Loan Forgiveness for Approved Nursing Programs, EMS, & National Guard Members

​Member of the Bi-Partisan Public Higher Education Funding Commission

As the crisis disrupts our daily lives, we need to ensure that quality education shouldn’t depend on your zip code. As state Representative, Wendy has worked to secure nearly half a million in grant funding for Bucks County students focusing on classroom development, job readiness, and student internships. But there is more to work to be done. 


As Washington continues handouts and finance bailouts for corporations, our ability to work, pay rent, and send our kids to school is becoming increasingly fragile. Harrisburg will be making hard budget choices this year, as across the Commonwealth, Pennsylvanians will be cinching their belts. Funding for public education must be sustained. Our schools will have to make adaptations to operate safely while ensuring quality education.


For 25 of the last 30 years, Harrisburg has reduced funding to support our state’s higher education. This has resulted in tuition costs at state institutions being well above the national average. Harrisburg must reverse this trend.


As we emerge from COVID-19, more and more students will decide to start at a community college before transferring to a state university. Wendy, a former community college educator, has introduced H.B. 2447, a Degree with a Guarantee. Students that follow the Associate's Degree For Transfer program will be ensured that all of their credits will transfer in their field of study, avoiding taking extra classes or extra time to attain junior status.


Support Common Sense Gun Safety Legislation

Require Hands-On Safety Training for First-Time Gun Purchasers

Ban Bump Stocks and Large-Capacity Magazines

Ban the Sale of Assault-Type Weapons

Expand Background Checks

Support the No Fly, No Buy Measure

Universal Registration of All New Gun Purchases

Member of Governor Wolf’s Suicide Prevention Task Force

We can protect  Pennsylvanians from gun violence while respecting the rights of responsible gun owners. As state Representative, Wendy sponsored the Firearms Safety Training Package (H.B. 1753), which provides for a firearm safety certificate and requires that individuals in Pennsylvania complete a firearm training course before purchasing their first firearm. Wendy has also secured over $24,0000 in school security equipment. Wendy is committed to fighting for immediate gun safety legislation. Since being elected, Wendy has co-sponsored over 16 common-sense bills. Unfortunately, in the current political climate in Harrisburg, these bills will remain in committee and never come to a vote. Every day of delay wastes valuable time. Time that our children and public defenders remain at risk.


A Pennsylvania that Protects Every Citizen

Pass the Pennsylvania Fairness Act

Discrimination has no place in Pennsylvania. Wendy supports the Pennsylvania Fairness Act to explicitly protect the LGBTQ+ community from workplace discrimination, in housing, and in public accommodations. As state Representative, Wendy has worked to make Feb 15th as “Love is Love Day” in Pennsylvania to recognize LGTBQ+ youth. 


Criminal Justice Reform to Protect Our Most Vulnerable

When we put our communities first, we can find innovative alternatives to our criminal justice system. As Representative, Wendy has worked to secure over $3 million that protects women, our seniors, and other underserved populations. Wendy has voted in a bipartisan effort to protect victims of human trafficking, which was ultimately signed by Governor Wolf into law. She is the sponsor of H.B. 2453, written in response to parent pleas to get justice for their children, whose teacher took photographs up their skirts and uploaded the images to the internet. This bill changes the penalties of this heinous form of child sexual abuse from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Wendy will support treatment-based alternatives to sentencing guidelines for those battling addiction. Wendy supports a path to recreational marijuana that includes methods for reliable testing of drivers for Impaired Driving. She believes that recreational use should be regulated and taxed.


Safeguard Our Democracy

We are facing the most defining problems Pennsylvania has ever faced. Harrisburg needs to stop playing political games. We need legislators who will support bills that offer real solutions, regardless of whether the author is a Republican or a Democrat.

Protect Our Democracy from Gerrymandering and Preserve Election Integrity

Expand Voting Rights and Support Automatic Voter Registration

Advocate for Ranked Choice Voting in Pennsylvania Primaries

The keystone of Democracy is free and transparent elections. As Representative, Wendy voted yes to Act 77, a landmark bill signed by Governor Wolf to expand voting rights and introduce mail-in voting in the state of Pennsylvania. After the 2016 election, the Department of Homeland Security identified Pennsylvania as one of the 21 states where Russian hackers attempted to compromise voter information data. We must ensure our election process is not susceptible to any foreign or domestic trespass or corruption. Wendy will support measures to move Pennsylvania towards automatic voter registration, fair redistricting, and ranked-choice voting. Voters should pick their representatives, not the other way around.

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